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Binaural Beats: Can Soundwaves Heal You?

14 September 2015 |


Buckle up! This is a quick overview of binaural beats, a special kind of sound known for its ability to induce your brain waves to certain frequencies. I first heard about these when a school in Oklahoma banned "digital drugs" - binaural mp3s named after substances ranging from 'coffee' to 'cocaine'. This sounded ridiculous to me at the time, like something created just for shock value! But recently I started digging into the science around these sounds, and discovering how they coudld be used in life-enhancing ways.


Binaural beats are no different from regular musical constructs. To go over the physics: sound is a pressure wave, created by some vibration (such as the pluck of a violin string or the beat of a drum). These vibrations create pressure waves, i.e. sound waves, in the surrounding air. The frequency of the wave is essentially how often that back-and-forth motion of the vibration occurs. This frequency is measured in Hertz, where 1 Hz is one complete cycle per second. Read more here.

Harmonies are formed when we hear two different frequencies at once; the ratio between the two frequencies determines what kind of harmony we hear. For example, if you take a 440Hz tone (which corresponds to the note 'A' in the Western scale)


Spindizzy Worlds (SNES) TAS: 24:41+

17 July 2015 |

Notes from 2015:

Ahh, I remember sinking a ton of time into this one summer! In retrospect I did a lot of things WRONG with this TAS - it would get disqualified for a lot of reasons; it's multi-segmented and video-edited together, and the 24:41 time is level-time only, not the complete start-to-finish game time. Plus, there's a lot of optimization that could be done, and this is more of a "first-complete-draft", if anything. I just wasn't using all the tools available to really get all the frames right. Still, this was a fun way for me to dip my toes into the world of tool-assisted speedruns. There wasn't much/any competition in this game, and it was really fun to blaze through these levels in ~1 minute when usually they would take me a few minutes. (Time travel is fun!)

I don't know if it's that much fun to watch if you haven't played the game before. This game is like a puzzle version of Marble Madness. The music's pretty awesome IMO.

This is a fluid run through Spindizzy Worlds on the Spindizzy cluster and on Advanced Mode. It is not a strict speedrun - sometimes liberties are taken, to avoid enemies and such. The character does fall off the board in bonus rounds to save time, and crashes (in two levels) to


GameFAQs Index

17 July 2015 |

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bit Dungeon II Speedrun (26:36)

17 July 2015 |

2015 Notes:

This is pretty recent! I'm super proud of this, and still get excited watching this video.

I had bought a video capture card earlier in the year and recorded myself playing a handful of games, but all my content ideas were still in their infancy & planning stages. I had thought about recording short strategy/walkthrough videos and whatnot, but nothing came to fruition yet.

While I was playing bit Dungeon ii for the first time and really enjoying it, after I beat it for the first time, I thought to myself, "I bet I can get through this game a lot faster - like around 90 minutes." I drew some maps and started playing the game some more. Soon, I realized, "Oh I can definitely do this in under an hour." That took just a little bit more practice!

I looked around on Youtube, and I found my only competition - someone clearing the game in 31 minutes. I watched and studied his video, only to find that he skipped the final boss! Sure, killing the final boss is not strictly necessary, but how lame! Also, skipping this boss means you can play with a much lazier strategy. I knew I had to annihilate this guy's time too.

I ended up putting about 40 hours into the gameplay, and maybe 8 hours


Gaming Frontpage

14 July 2015 |

Video games, y'all!

Yeah, I've played a lot of games in my day. I grew up putting a ton of time into NES and SNES games, a few of my favorites being Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, the Donkey Kong Country series, Mario 64, Final Fantasy 7, Persona 4, Quake II, Command & Conquer, and basically all rhythm games I can get my hands on. These days, I still follow gaming, but don't make so much time for it. I get pretty snobby about games and tend to dig games with something unique to them; something with good atmosphere, unique mechanics, etc. Indie games are more my thing than big-budget titles.

I've also produced a handful of gaming content. This started a looong time ago, when I was a teenager. I loved the walkthrough/strategy guide site GameFAQs and started writing guides for them whenever I saw good opportunities to fill in gaps. A good handful of these guides were written to collect 'bounties', i.e. I'd get paid $20-50 for writing these guides - not a whole lot for the time I invested, but still, this was pretty cool to me before I was even legally allowed to work. Lots of these guides are crappy in retrospect, but...whatever! I'd spend a lot of time digging through games in an emulator, pushing boundaries everywhere,

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